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Orbital's Corrosion Module provides fast and accurate visualization of project data. The Corrosion Module uses your existing as-built centerline and CIS and ILI information to clearly identify and report anomalies. Upload your data and watch as it is immediately processed, spatialized for viewing, and ready for report generation that can be edited and retrieved according to your needs.

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Detailed Graph of Your Entire Line

Instantly visualize your CIS and ILI data upon upload in a detailed point graph that color-codes the data and points out anomalies along your entire line according to the thresholds that you control.



Spatialized View of CIS and ILI Data

Locate the exact corrosion points on your centerline in the spatialized map view that automatically generates when you upload your project data. Use the search filter to find exact station points along your centerline and drill into your project.


Automatically Push Reports

Once you've applied custom controls, immediately download and push reports to team members and management for streamlined communication.


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