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Orbital's Environmental Module provides an easy way to manage and distribute wetland information for a project. Selected data can be shared with Survey, such as the latest centerline, wetland boundaries and statuses. The Environmental Module works to integrate field and office procedures and synergize with other departments working on the project.

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orbital environmental wetland data management pipeline web enterprise analytics
orbital environmental data management analytics web tool pipeline




Spatialized Wetland Reports

Upload wetland data for immediate view around your latest centerline in a spatialized map. Share the report with survey and design crews to keep communication streamlined and the progress of your pipeline project on track. Instantly push notifications to need-to-know teams when reroutes occur or wetland statuses are updated.





Custom Controls & Analytics

Use the table inside the Environmental module to update the status of each wetland, either singularly or in bulk. A contrasting color code and pie chart help you instantly visualize the status of wetlands around your centerline. Also hover over each wetland to view details like wetland number, name, and its status.

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True Project Transparency between Modules

Orbital's Environmental Module constantly talks to the Survey and Land modules to keep project statuses up to date for all crews involved to avoid miscommunication and overlap. Push notifications for progress reports and data uploads keep communication streamlined so accountability stays strong and expectations stay high.


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